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What’s New In Tesla Air Conditioners In 2022?

Fresh and clean air, excellent performance, with lower energy consumption, fast cooling, superior self-cleaning, and above all – the preservation of environment, are the main features of Tesla air conditioners in 2022.

Room Arrangement For A Schoolchild

When they start school, every child wants for their own separate space in a room, where they can do their homework in peace, invite friends or just play.

Tesla Qled Tv: More Than 1,07 Billion Amazing Color

Tesla QLED TV brings a whole new level of watching TV. Once you try it, going back will no longer be an option. It brings more than a billion colors and a host of entertainment options right to your customers’ homes – in other words, it’s designed to delight!

Victory is in the little things: clean and dry laundry in just one hour

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where your work, casual or training clothes are stained or dirty, and you need them as soon as possible? There is no need to panic, because the world of technology and home appliances has advanced so much that there are devices on the market that can clean and dry your laundry in just one hour!

Dry and fragrant laundry, even during winter

Drying laundry during the cold, winter months is a real challenge for every household. Most people dry their clothes on radiators during this period, which is not recommended, because it increases the level of humidity in the home.

Tips for ideal placement of an air conditioner

In addition to choosing an air conditioner, it is very important where the indoor and outdoor units are placed. Proper installation is important, not only because of the aesthetics, but also because it can affect energy consumption, proper cooling and heating, but also the health of you and your family.

Who really needs an air purifier?

In previous years, air purifiers were considered a matter of prestige, so they were rarely on the list of necessary household appliances. However, for many of us today, they became irreplaceable. At the same time, their price is now adjusted to the market and the budget of an average consumer.
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