How To Stop The Washing Machine From „Jumping“?

If your washing machine makes noise that prevents both your neighbours and yourself from sleeping, we can show you how to solve it.

Washing machines are definitely one of the most necessary household appliances, and a home without one is almost unthinkable. They allow us to wash clothes quickly and efficiently. However, when the machine becomes too noisy and starts “jumping” during spinning – it becomes a problem.

The drum of the machine rotates at high speeds, which leads to vibrations. The buzzing sound is normal, but the noise and bouncing should not happen. If your machine is jumping around the bathroom floor and you hear hard hits while its spinning, then you need to have it fixed.

The machine must be placed on a flat surface

The first step is to discover the cause of the vibration. Maybe the machine is placed on an uneven surface. One way to check the leveling is to press the machine down at angles and diagonals, and check for movement.

Poor leveling can be easily corrected by placing small adjustable levelers under the machine. They can be easily screwed on until you find the right level, set the machine straight and prevent it from shaking.

Don’t overload the machine

Another reason can be the amount of laundry. If the machine is too empty, the drum may turn unevenly, which may result in it bouncing around. Always arrange the laundry in the machine evenly andd never put just one or two things in. Also, try to wash things of approximately the same size and with fabrics of the same composition: do not put thick terry towels with thin pillows, etc.

The laundry must be evenly distributed

The washing machine may bounce and shake if the laundry in the drum is not evenly placed around. If this is the case, the culprit are usually absorbent items, such as floor mats and blankets. To keep your laundry balanced, wash bulky items such as blankets, quilts and rugs along with at least one other heavy item such as a large towel or other blanket.

It is especially important to point out that these bulky objects can cause more pronounced vibration, because cause one side of the drum to be heavier and thus, imbalanced. If this happens, pause the program, open the door, place the laundry evenly in the drum and continue the spin program.

Check if the pump filter is dirty or clogged

It often happens that a small object gets stuck in the pump filter and causes the washing machine to vibrate. React preventively – find the pump filter in the lower right corner of the washing machine and open the lid. Pull out the hose and remove the plug, then wait for the water to drain. If not, turn the filter counterclockwise and pull it out. Remove dirt, hair and waste from the filter. Then, rinse it under the tap. Also, check the filter opening –  whether there is dirt, coins and buttons in it. Wipe it with a damp cloth. Finally, replace and turn the filter clockwise, then replace the cover.

If the leveling and rearrangement of the laundry don’t help, it may be the case that the shock absorbers in the machine that hold the drum are worn out and need to be replaced. If this is the case, you will have to contact a service center or a repairman. Keep in mind that it is normal for certain parts of the washing machine to wear out and be damaged by frequent use, so they need to be replaced.

It is definitely recommended that with your next purchase you get an inverter washing machine.

A great advantage of this type of machines, especially for families with children, is their quiet operation, so you do not have to worry about the time of day (or night) when you turn it on. Since there is no friction, no wear and no overheating, the device will last longer. In doing so, energy efficiency will save you electricity.