A large basket

Thanks to this Tesla air fryer and its large basket, you can easily cook enough food for your whole family, or a gathering of friends. Share those healthier, low-fat recipes with everyone!

Temperature and time control

A LED touch screen makes it easy to control temperature levels (60 – 200°C) and cooking time: use one of the 12 preset programs, or customize settings to your needs and preferences

Automatic shut-off

Once you set the cooking time, the air fryer will automatically turn off when it expires. You can set the timer for up to 60 minutes.

“Preheat” and “Turn food”

Use the preheat function to warm up the appliance or defrost food: a tone will sound when the preheating is done. In selected programs, this device can also periodically notify you when it’s time to flip food over, for better cooking results.

Useful features

This device is easy to clean, with non-stick coating, as well as a dishwasher-safe basket and a baking tray. It has overheating protection, and will also automatically shut down if the pot is removed.

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