Tesla AIR Mini is the perfect solution for people who want to breathe better quality air, wherever they are: it efficiently removes air pollutants, pollen and dust.

Operation by one charge: 180 hours
Negative ion emission Up to: 20 million
Effective area: 50 cm radius from the device
Charging type: USB - C


Did you ever want to bring your air purifier with you, and make sure you breathe healthier air throughout the day, wherever it takes you? Now you can, thanks to the new Tesla personal air purifier! This device is made to clean the air around the face of the person wearing it, or around the surface, it’s placed on – for better quality air anytime, anywhere.


With dimensions of only 39W x 75L x 20T mm, and weighing only 46 g, you can literally take it anywhere in a pocket, turn it on, and relax. While you’re working, cooking, or simply having fun with friends, your small and discreet protector is always on guard, defending you from different harmful microorganisms, allergens, pollen, and dust.


There are no filters you should worry about replacing or cleaning – simply turn the purifier on, and let it work for up to 180 hours with one charging! Feel free to make plans and pack for short travels knowing you get more than 7 days without having to worry about the battery. Once the lithium polymer battery is empty, it only takes 3 hours to charge.


If you’re dreading the pollen season, the good news is that wearing a personal air purifier can also provide relief for people with allergies. Tesla personal air purifier cleans the air around you by emitting negative ions. Negative ions clean the air by attaching to the harmful particles, creating new, larger ones, which then fall to the ground, away from the person’s face.


Available in black, white, navy blue, and orange, this device is designed to look great while cleaning the air you breathe. You can wear it on an adjustable strap around your neck, place it on a device holder on any available surface, or attach it using a visor clip (available optionally). It is also very silent – there are no noisy fans or motors to distract you.


This personal air purifier comes with a USB Type-C charging cable, and it also has a LED indicator that changes colors for your convenience. The blue light will gently blink while the device is cleaning the air, while the red one blinks to indicate charging. Once the charging is complete, the green light turns back on automatically.


Operation by one charge
180 hours
Negative ion emission
Up to 20 million
Effective area
50 cm radius from the device
Charging type
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