Total No Frost is a function based on the circulation of cold air that reduces humidity and prevents the accumulation of frost on the food in the refrigerator and ice on the walls of the freezer compartment. The refrigerator and freezer compartments have separate airfl ow so that odors cannot mix between the compartments. Unlike conventional systems, Total No Frost cools both separate units faster.

Dimension Product (W×D×H): 900×660×1770
Weight Net: 79 kg
Dimension Package (W×D×H): 972×710×1862
Weight Gross: 86 kg

Inverter compressor

The inverter compressor allows the appliance to operate quietly, ensuring uninterrupted cooling, reducing temperature fluctuations and power consumption, and also extending motor lifespan.

Door alarm

A beeping signal will sound if you leave the refrigerator door open for longer than is recommended, reminding you to close it and stop the warm air from raising the inside temperature.

F energetic class

According to the new energy classification, this refrigerator belongs to class F. Compared to other appliances, this refrigerator consumes less electricity, so it protects the environment and saves money through lower electricity costs. Our appliances are equipped with excellent thermal insulation, improved door protection, first class cooling system components, and electronic controls that reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

Multi Air Flow system

Keeping a constant temperature in the fridge is important, which is why Multi and DynaCool Air Flow systems distribute the air evenly into every part of the device, keeping it constantly ideal.

Water dispenser

An external water dispenser is a convenient addition to this model, allowing you easy access to cold water anytime. Forget about loads of bottled water in the fridge, and enjoy this simple alternative.

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