Tumble dryers – WT8H90MS

Tesla tumble dryers are your elegant and sophisticated drying experts, ready to quickly dry a lot of laundry – but with style!

Drying Capacity: 8 kg
Technology: Condensing with a heat pump
Energy class: A+++
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm): 595 x 640 x 845

Tesla tumble dryers are your elegant and sophisticated drying experts, ready to quickly dry a lot of laundry – but with style!


Heat pump technology makes your tumble dryer more efficient, helps it work faster, and it also allows you to save energy and be more environmentally friendly by reducing power consumption. This system can reuse the heat generated during the drying process – and it can also control the temperature inside the drum in order to protect your clothes, keeping it below 50°C.


The Clean and safe feature is automatically activated during the drying cycle, while the Hygiene Pro system helps keep your laundry clean: after the cycle is completed, the inner drum will keep the temperature for more than 30 minutes to help with sanitizing. The drum will also rotate once in a while for a certain amount of time after the cycle is done, in order to prevent creases.


This Tesla device has a program for drying machine-dryable wool products, certified by The Woolmark Company. It is designed especially for wool garments, in order to prevent damage to these sensitive clothing items – but only if they’re dried according to the instructions on the garment label, as well as those issued by the machine manufacturer.


If you’re used to drying your clothes at night, or you simply want the device to be even quieter than usual, make sure to use our specially designed night mode. Once this feature is activated, the rotation speed will decrease, the drum will spin more gently, and the amount of air inside the drum will be limited, which makes the operation silent throughout the cycle.


LED light in the drum is a convenient addition that illuminates the drum from inside, which makes it easy for you to see if you’ve taken out all of the laundry – or if any clothing items have remained hidden inside. This way, you’ll never have to wonder how did that one different-colored sock end up being dried with your white load!


Compared to traditional buttons, touch screens last longer, and they also improve machine’s overall accessibility and aesthetics. When it comes to this specific Tesla device, LED digital display helps you keep a close eye on the drying process, allows you to preset the start time, keep track of all the important cycle information, and enjoy many other useful features.

Drying Capacity
8 kg
Condensing with a heat pump
Depth (cm)
Energy class
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm)
595 x 640 x 845
Number of programs
Delay start
Yes (24 hours)
Noise level (drying)
66 dB
User Manual
Technical Specifications
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