Add fun to the mix!

Whatever recipe you decide to try, Tesla blenders are here to offer support – both with rubber feet for extra stability, and with so many useful options!

Taste the toast

We love a great pop-up toaster – and we make them as we love them! Enjoy your every meal (or a tasty snack) with this quality Tesla device.

A perfect fit

Welcome to Tesla crease-free world! Choose from different designs of Tesla irons, powerful enough to straighten even the most persistent lines.

The right amount of magic

Use these lovely Tesla kitchen scales to measure just the right amount of ingredients you need in your every baking and cooking adventure.

More me-time

Would you love a hot tea or a fresh cup of instant coffee? Use Tesla kettles to quickly boil water and enjoy your well-deserved time off.

Your little kitchen helper

One device, so many possibilities: use your Tesla kitchen robot to mix and blend ingredients, make dough or even grind meat. It’s your own kitchen helper!

Mix it up!

Essential in every kitchen, Tesla mixers will serve you well whether you’re making cakes, baking bread, or creating any other homemade delicacy.

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