Make it clean

From your favorite going out outfit, a wool sweater for quiet evenings at home, all the way to baby clothes – Tesla laundry machines are here to support you every step of the way. Practical and simple to maintain, with different options for washing and drying, they add freshness and comfort to your days.

You have better things to do

Who will take care of the dishes? Your new Tesla dishwasher! Forget about piles of unwashed dishes and hours spent in the kitchen while cleaning them: spend your free time with people you love the most, doing things you enjoy the most.

Freeze your favorite moments

Fresh groceries are an important part of every meal, whether you are making a simple sandwich or trying out the most complicated recipes. In every case, you’ll need reliable Tesla refrigerators and freezers to keep things cool: they come in various models, ready to cater to all of your needs.

Center of the family meal

From the earliest childhood memories associated with cookies and vanilla, all the way to adulthood – when we are trying out our own versions of traditional recipes: Tesla freestanding cookers allow you to enjoy various culinary experiments and prepare meals for all generations.

Efficiency and elegance

With Tesla built-in ovens that combine practicality and sophistication, your favorite meals will not only go along perfectly with a bottle of vine – but with your kitchen interior too. Easy to use and elegantly designed, they will soon become an irreplaceable part of your culinary adventures!

Heat up the atmosphere

Tesla cooktops open countless possibilities for simple and safe food preparation process that you will surely enjoy. Use less space – but add more taste to your days.

Only smells you love in the air

The recipe for your Sunday lunch should stay in the cookbook – not linger on your clothes, curtains and furniture. Throughout all of your cooking adventures, keep only the smells you love in the air, and leave others to powerful Tesla hoods.

Hedonism comes in waves

The fast pace of the life we are living requires efficiency: with microwave ovens, you are choosing fast defrosting and cooking that will help you save more time. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t savor every bite.

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