Ultimate enjoyment

Tesla TVs make your favorite movies, TV programs, games and online content look even better! With a crystal clear picture, superior sound, modern design and a wide range of models, Tesla devices provide quality that is a class above its price and a good reason to get together time and time again.

Indulgence never

looked so good Tesla is proud to present its great selection of Android TVs, all with amazing performances – in any screen size you need. All of our models boast mesmerizing visuals, while some of them also have integrated soundbars or other useful functions. When it comes to your audiovisual experience – it’s time for a whole new era.

Your personal Google Assistant

A smart assistant is no longer reserved for your smartphone: now you can also ask the big screen whatever you want. Press the mic button on the remote, and use Google Assistant to find out traffic or weather information, Google anything, play and pause favorite movies or TV shows.


webOS is an intelligent TV operating system based on LINUX, created to provide a great audio-visual experience while supporting TV broadcasting systems on the global market. It supports Dolby audio, HDR, HLG, as well as world’s top content apps. With a function called “Home dashboard”, you can easily manage all inputs, settings and connected devices.

Mesmerizing visuals

Many Tesla TVs have a direct LED screen and an Ultra HD resolution, while some also boast support for HDR/HLG formats. We are always focused on providing you with a better user experience, vivid colors, faster application installing and quality image with no glitches or screen freezing.

Technology develops, style remains

Utilize all the possibilities of your WiFi router in combination with your smart TV potential. If your Tesla TV comes with support for 5GHz WiFi networks, this could be the perfect time to enjoy 4K streaming, a more stable connection and much faster Internet.

Let the music play

Tesla webOS TV will wow you with the amazing sound, but the Music player app elevates the experience of listening to favorite melodies to a whole other level. It allows you to play music even when the TV screen is off!

Magic remote and Tesla webOS controller

Use one of these two controllers to also manage devices connected to the TV – STB, DVD, audio system…

With a magic remote, you can zoom in on important details, scroll or move around, use hot keys or quick access buttons – easily set to automatically open certain apps. Enjoy even more possibilities with Bluetooth, air mouse and voice command options!

Tesla TVs are designed to create a space for enjoyment. Our models use leading technology, inspire imagination and deliver an amazing level of performance and quality. Visit our website to find out more about our range of television sets and how they can turn home entertainment into an experience.

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