Tips for ideal placement of an air conditioner

In addition to choosing an air conditioner, it is very important where the indoor and outdoor units are placed. Proper installation is important, not only because of the aesthetics, but also because it can affect energy consumption, proper cooling and heating, but also the health of you and your family.

In the previous blog post, we introduced you to the rules of choosing an air conditioner. Now, we are bringing you tips on how to ideally set up the air conditioner and get ready for warm days.

Setting the indoor air conditioning unit

Momak za laptopom na lejzibegu a u pozadini Tesla klima uređaj– The air conditioner should always be placed at the top of the wall, because this contributes to a better cooling effect. However, you should take care that there is 30 cm of space on the side of the air conditioner, so that it can be connected, and the upper part of the air conditioner must be 10 cm away from the ceiling.

– The position of the air conditioner should cover as much of the apartment as possible, without the air conditioning blowing directly into you. Living rooms or larger hallways are usually the rooms from which the air from the device is most evenly distributed towards other rooms.

– Avoid setting the air conditioner in places where you sleep, but also in the kitchen, because it is a place where there is a lot of evaporation, so the air conditioner will absorb grease and dust. Also, it is not good to place the air conditioner in a narrow hallway, opposite another wall, or above a closet or shelf.

– If you have an apartment on two levels, it is important to know that cold air always falls down, and warm air goes up.

– Pipelines from the air conditioner can come out on the left or right side under the air conditioner and directly from the air conditioner through the wall. In the first scenario, the pipes can be bent upwards, which does not apply to the condensate drain hose, which must drop in relation to the bottom of the air conditioner along the entire route, unless there is a built-in condensate pump.

Setting the indoor air conditioning unit

Momak postavlja spoljnu jedinicu Tesla klima uređaja– The drop of the installation that connects the outdoor and indoor unit is, on average, 40 cm. That’s why it is important that the units are as close to each other as possible, for aesthetic reasons.

-The outdoor unit blows warm air and there should be 1m of space without obstacles in front of it. This is especially important for apartments where the outdoor unit must be placed on the terrace.

– In addition to being in a place where it can be approached in case of intervention, it is important that there is at least 30 cm of space above the upper part of the outdoor unit.

– The outdoor unit must be in an open space with air flow, and you must take care that the water leaking from it is properly drained. The pipeline installation should be aesthetically pleasing and the condensate drain hose should be dropped so that water does not stagnate and return inside. If you have the technical possibilities and if the apartment is being renovated, it will look better if you drown the installation, wall it up or put decorative channels over the pipes.

– If necessary, the outdoor unit can be placed on the floor, but with spacers of about 10 cm, so that water can flow from the air conditioner.

– The distance between the indoor and outdoor unit should be as small as possible, but not less than 1.5 m, especially for inverter air conditioners, due to potential losses and load on the device. For inverter devices it can be even more than 10 meters.

What else is important?

The installation of air conditioners should be left to experts, i.e. authorized service, which will ensure your reliable operation, warranty coverage, professional service and will avoid complications due to unprofessional installations.

When performed by a professional, the installation takes, on average, about 3 hours.

Also, pay attention to the functions that air conditioners have. Tesla air conditioners even have the ability to monitor malfunctions, automatically identifying faulty parts. After that, the display shows the error code, which makes maintenance more efficient and economical.

State-of-the-art technology makes Tesla air conditioners easy to maintain and use. Now that you have learned how to choose an air conditioner and how to install it properly, all you have to do is enjoy the pleasant ambience of your home. 😊