Dry and fragrant laundry, even during winter

Drying laundry during the cold, winter months is a real challenge for every household. Most people dry their clothes on radiators during this period, which is not recommended, because it increases the level of humidity in the home. On the other hand, if you dry your laundry on the terracen it can acquire a specific smell, due to increased percentage of smog and sulfur dioxide in the air during the heating season.

If you don’t own one yet, now is the time to consider buying a tumble dryer. During the cold winter months, atumble dryer can very quickly become your main ally for household chores.

To begin, let’s break down some of the main stereotypes and misconceptions about these devices.


  1. It is too expensive

A total misinformation 😊 Tesla offers a whole range of dryers that fit into the household budget.

  1. The laundry will smell bad

On the contrary, the laundry drying system is designed so that all the warm air comes out of the machine, which leaves no place for unpleasant odors in the drum – the moisture goes into the condensate collection container. At the same time, the pleasant smells of detergent and fabric softener remain on the clothes, ie. the drying process in no way affects the freshness of your wardrobe.

  1. It crumples and damages the laundry

This is certainly the biggest misconception of all. Tumble-dried laundry is incredibly pleasant and many who own a dryer claim that it is often not even necessary to iron it, because the drying process makes it soft and easy to store.



Tesla tumble dryers have 16 different programs for each type of fabric: cotton, synthetic laundry, wool, as well as shirts, sportswear, jeans, bedding and delicate clothes. Dryer also have anti-crease protection, which leaves a minimal amount of moisture in your clothes, just to ensure easy ironing. In addition the Baby Care option will make children’s clothes cleaner, the rinsing procedure more efficient, and the clothes will be better for their skin.



Before using the machine, make sure that the water and dust filters are empty. Take care of these parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions to keep the machine in good condition.

After washing the laundry, and before putting it in the dryer, give each piece a good shake, fold the laundry as if you were preparing it for the closet and put it in the dryer.

Once the machine has finished drying, open the drum, wait 5 minutes, then remove the laundry and spread it out on the bed for a few minutes to “cool down”.

Never overfill the machine. An overloaded machine cannot do its job properly and the laundry will never be well-dryed. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.

In addition, do not dry just one piece of clothing in the machine. You will waste a lot of electricity, regardless of your device’s energy class. When it comes to the minimum amount of laundry, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation as well.

There are many advantages to tumble dryers. Not only do they save you time, but they are also incredibly easy to use and gentle with your clothes.