Who really needs an air purifier?

In previous years, air purifiers were considered a matter of prestige, so they were rarely on the list of necessary household appliances. However, for many of us today, they became irreplaceable. At the same time, their price is now adjusted to the market and the budget of an average consumer.

Who really needs an air purifier in their home or office today, and why is it hard for some to imagine functioning normally without it?


Ill,Young,Woman,Caught,Cold,Sneezing,In,Tissue,At,HomePurifiers are the right choice for all those who are allery-prone to airborne particles, because their main feature is the removal of allergens from closed spaces. With various filtration options, the purifier helps eliminate fine dust, microbes, pollen and other particles from the air. This way, all those who are allergic to them, and even to mites, can breathe a sigh of relief, because the air purifier filters capture these particles permanently and with extreme efficiency.

An air purifier usually has a range of up to 36 m2, and in order to maintain optimal performance it is recommended to replace the filter approximately every six months. Some air purifiers have filters that contain plant extracts, which further affects the quality of filtering allergens from the air.

Also, air purifiers have the option of humidifying the space and maintaining optimal humidity levels, thus successfully avoiding dry air that causes many irritations and respiratory problems.


Tesla-preciscivac-vazduha-dete-astmaAsthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory tract, which is where air is conducted to and from the lungs. People with asthma have inflamed and sensitive airways which react to irritations from the air. The most common “triggers” of asthma are viruses, tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, animal hair and mites.

Although you can’t influence what you’re breathing outside, you can use a purifier in your home or office to provide yourself with allergen-free air that’s safe to breathe. When asthmatics spend time in fresh air, their symptoms are reduced and their body recovers from constant irritation from the environment.


Tesla-preciscivac-vazduha-za-bebeAnother reason why today air purifiers are needed in every family’s home that this device can prevent many diseases in children. Namely, children who breathe unhealthy indoor air for most of the day are significantly more likely to get eczema, allergies, asthma and are more prone to poor respiratory health.

The HEPA activated carbon filter removes air pollutants and bacteria, taking care that those we love the most spend time in a healthy environment. This is especially important for newborns who need to stay in a clean and sterile space.


Zagađenje u gradovima koje loše utiče ne zdravlje prečišćivačLately, there has been more and more talk about high levels of pollution in some cities in Serbia. According to the Environmental Protection Agency data, there s a lot of pollution, which is also confirmed by the World Alliance for Health and Pollution. Cities such as Belgrade, Uzice, Pancevo, Sabac, Nis, Smederevo are most affected.

See what the air quality is like in your city.

In certain periods during the year, experts can even appeal not to go outside, as well as to keep the windows closed during your stay indoors, so that polluted air does not flow between the rooms.Precisima filterecivac vazduha

There are many ways to prevent, or at least reduce indoor air pollution, and one of them is the use of an air purifier, which removes all those particles that are not visible to the naked eye, such as viruses, mites, dust and animal hair, and which may be harmful to inhalation. Some of them can even lead to respiratory health problems, especially in vulnerable groups.

It is very important to choose air purifiers with integrated air quality sensors, so that you can monitor the current pollution level on the LED icons that change color in accordance with the values of the world-renowned air quality index (AQI).